I’ve always been curios about the theory of evolution and I always wanted to get introduced to that “controversial” theory by Charles Darwin. It happened that a friend of me was talking about Richard Dawkins, so when I decided to dig for evolution theory, I hit google videos and there I found a set of videos for Dawkins presenting a series of lectures to small students, it was “Growing Up in the Universe, a series of lectures given by Richard Dawkins“, I downloaded those videos.

Actually I was shocked by how easy it was! Dawkins’ presentation for those kids was extremely informative and simple, full of demostrations and live examples. I was totally happy and satisfied that I learned something new that seems to explain rationally why I am here on planet earth! I felt a strange confidence in science and a strong will to pursue reading about evolution. Those lectures were the trigger to start cleaning up all irrational beliefs from my system and replacing them instead with profound and elegant explanations that are supported only by true evidence. Those lectures, I can say have changed my way of thinking in many ways. What seemed before ambiguous and puzzling was expressed in a beautiful elegant explanation supported with thousands of pieces of evidence. It changed the way how I look to my own exsitence and all living things around me. It was a start point for my personal Failed search for a god. It created inside me a strong passion and bond to science and scientific methods. It was the end of all the baloney I once believed in.

Since then I have tried to give all my friends copies of those lectures. I wish I had seen those videos when I was a little kid, I’m sure it might have changed so many things about me and my education and my career. Still it changed a lot!
Thank you Richard Dawkins !

Growing Up in the Universe

Will we time travel oneday ?

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Cosmos
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Aren’t we all time travelers? We pass the journey of life from the moment we’re born until our death; it’s like a one way trip from the past into the future. Will we be able to unfold history one day and change what happens? Will we visit the future? Is time travel possible and how can we approach it?

Einstein’s work and papers allows time travel theoretically since time seems to be relative to our position in space and how fast we’re moving. Mass seems to bend space-time and since it is bent then hypothetically there must be shortcuts that link separate points in space-time. These shortcuts are what we call wormholes. The problem with wormholes is that their endpoints are so thin, smaller than a single atom and we will need huge amount of energy, anti-gravity aka negative energy, in order to expand their openings and travel thru them. But can we make it inside? Most scientists don’t think so. Other scientists think that as a result of the Big Bang there must have formed something called cosmic strings. They are thin long strands of huge density that bend space-time, they are even thinner than an atomic nucleus. We might be able to track one of those strings one day and travel around them to reach a certain destination faster than light, hence allowing traveling to the past.

Many scientists admit that with our current understanding of time, time travel seems impossible. But since when not understanding something has ever stopped people from experimenting it. We have been dealing with general relativity based approaches and assumptions for time travel but what about the quantum physics realm?

A really scary principle in quantum physics is Non-locality. Non-locality is the direct influence of one particle on another distant particle; particles seem to have this entanglement which means that they share information miles away from each other without any obvious reaction in space-time.  Experiments might lead to something called retro causality, which allows an effect to occur before its cause. Experiments have been done on 2 separate photons and showed that when subjecting the first photon with a certain signal the second photon is reacting micro seconds prior the event. So backward-in-time communication might be possible, if the experiments succeed it will be a big deal in physics and will revolutionize our understanding of time, communication and it will change our entire civilization.

What if time travel is possible? What about the grandfather paradox? If I got to the past and killed my grandfather for example, will I still exist? A conservative view says that time travelers may only participate in the past but they can’t change anything there. Quantum theory leads to parallel universes, infinite number on universes, with all alternative possible histories, this means that time travelers if they reach the past they can change in it but they will be altering a different universe and it won’t affect ours.

What we are sure today that with our current technology we are so far from time traveling as much as ameba are far from space traveling, but what we can anticipate is that future generations might probably be able and due to computing capabilities to generate computer simulations of our own past.

What if traveling to the future is possible and the past is recreated with our supercomputers in the future, how will this affect us? Will it change the fact that our life is short and that time is extremely precious for human beings?